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To communicate with others online, we currently rely on third parties

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These third parties deliver your information to your recipient, but they can also sell, analyze, or otherwise access your information themselves.

You share different things with different people, each time choosing the appropriate network

But you may be tired of all the stuff pushed at you via these third parties and even your own connections

And the quality of information is difficult to verify

For quality of information you'd like to keep between
you and your intended recipient you need a network free of middlemen and their agendas

QoID™ allows you to connect directly.

If you're not directly connected yet, your mutual connections help you find each other

And connect based on information you trust, because it's validated by people you trust

No one has access to information until you give it to them

And removing access is as easy as granting it

things my employer sees

things my friend Bob sees

You can even remain anonymous while having information validated

And manage not only your content,but content others give you access to

This is how your network is built

More Information:

QoID™ has built a platform that enables consumers to control and keep private their entire digital footprint - content AND metadata. We are partnering with companies who prioritize high quality, trusted relationships with their customers and innovators building online applications where privacy and control and verification of information are critical.